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Houda Bakkali

Houda Bakkali is an international visual artist and creative director based in Barcelona, Spain. Her colorful artwork, her techniques and creative process has been recognized by different institutions and international magazines.

Her first artwork dates back to 2008, when she published the series “Africa sweet and pop”, a personal, colorful, optimistic and full of hope tribute to her origins. She has been exhibited in Paris, Cannes, Barcelona, Biarritz…, and her work, techniques and creative process has been recognized by different institutions and international magazines.

She has been internationally recognized with different awards, including the American Illustration 38, New York 2019, the Graphis Silver Award 2018 and Graphis Silver Award 2019 in New York, the New Talent Award of the International Festival World Artist, in Cannes 2018, etc.

Currently, Houda Bakkali is one of the contributors of Viceversa Magazine, publication which covers various cultural topics by Latinx writers and artists in New York and she works as freelance art director for different international projects.

The style of Houda Bakkali is unmistakable and derives from a sophisticated and often ironic mimesis of the popular contents of the urban environment, reworked through a lively chromatic pop range and an elegant and essential design.

Juliet Art Magazine

The series, “Beautiful African Woman” (…) is a tribute to the African and Arab women and wants to convey a message to women so that they feel free. Free to fight for the idea that each woman is unique and extraordinarily strong.

Art Reveal Magazine

L’opera di Houda Bakkali nasce dalla volontà di trasmettere un messaggio alle donne. Un messaggio di emancipazione e libertà, nelle idee, nelle opere e nei sentimenti. Le donne africane di Houda Bakkali non hanno paura del fallimento, e vivono inseguendo i loro sogni.

James Magazine

Houda Bakkali met en scène la figure féminine africaine et arabe, un figure forte qui dans l’anonymat le plus total, lutte pour la liberté, la justice et sa place dans la societé.

AGD Magazine

Par des lignes simples et des couleurs vives, Houda Bakkali cherche à attirer l’attention sur l’opposition entre la simplicité et la force de son personnage.


“Sensuality” is a very unique digital work.

Circle Foundation for the Arts
Next Exhibition

París 2020

Houda Bakkali will exhibit at Carrousel du Louvre. Every year during the Paris Contemporary Art Week, this International Contemporary Art Fair brings together more than 1000 artists and galleries at the Carrousel du Louvre Museum.



Exhibitions, awards, news and much more

Women and Digital Art in Córdoba


Houda Bakkali exhibit her series “Women and digital art. Breaking stereotypes” in Córdoba, Spain. Her artwork will be host at the Parador de la Arruzafa from 30/11 to 15/12.
Antonio López Arts College


Women and Digital Art. Lecture of Houda Bakkali at Antonio López Arts College.
American Illustration 38. New York


“Transgression”, artwork signed by the visual artist Houda Bakkali, has been selected to appear in the prestigious American Illustration 38 annual award book (New York, 2019). The annual launch event & exhibition was hold in New York City on November 7, 2019.
Woman and Digital Art in Lorca


“Transgression” was the official poster of the exhibition “Women and Digital Art. Breaking Stereotypes” on the Parador of Lorca, Spain.
Graphis Silver Award. New York


Houda Bakkali was awarded with the Graphis Silver Award for the artwork “Too many fishes, too few loaves”. Graphis is one of the most prestigious international publisher of communication and illustration books. Since 1944 it is considered one of the greatest bastions of design and contemporary art.
ArtReveal Magazine

ArtReveal Cover

The awarded illustration “Don Quixote Time” was select for the cover of the International magazine Art Reveal.

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Houda Bakkali exhibit her series “Women and digital art. Breaking stereotypes” in Córdoba, Spain.