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Beautiful African Woman


The series “Beautiful African Woman”, is a tribute to the woman whose inspiration is the artist’s mother, African, Arab and Muslim. Bakkali intends with this work “to leave the legacy of doing things normally, in total equality, feeling free. It is a colourful, enthusiastic and optimistic vision, with two key pillars, the technique and soul of the work, with which I also seek to refute stereotypes about Arab culture. It is fair and necessary for people to know that not everything is from one extreme or another, to give visibility to a free, demanding woman, owner of her own decisions and mistress of her own life”. The artist remembers how the protagonist of this work dressed trikini in the beach of Tangier in the 60s and 70s, and that did not respond more than to a normal circumstance.

Breaking stereotypes and vindicating the right of women to decide on their future, are the messages that move this artwork.

The work “Beautiful African Woman”, has obtained different recognitions from the different international media and institutions, such as American Illustration 38, the New Talent Award of the Artists of the World International Festival of Cannes (2018), the Silver Award of the prestigious publishing house Graphis in New York (2018) or the Circle Foundation for the Arts Award in Lyon (2019), among other distinctions. On the other hand, Bakkali’s work also seeks to break with the clichés that still exist about digital art.

The protagonist, Morocco 1976


Houda Bakkali exhibit her series “Women and digital art. Breaking stereotypes” in Córdoba, Spain.