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The first edition of Artshopping Biarritz hosts the artwork of Houda Bakkali

The artist Houda Bakkali, has exhibited her artwork in the first edition of Artshopping in Biarritz. This was one of the most prestigious international contemporary art fair in France and was developed at the emblematic Barrière Casino.

Houda Bakkali was one of the most demanding artist from the public and local galleries. She showed her vision of a colorful world, and she surprised the visitors with the artwork “The flowers of good luck”, one of her first works dating from 2008. Likewise, she conquered visitors with her illustration “Transgression”, a tribute to the power and freedom of women who has obtained different international awards, among them the prestigious American Illustration 38 (New York, 2019)

According to the press release of the organization, “this first edition of ArtShopping in Biarritz has confirmed the enthusiasm of the regional public with both public and commercial success. More than 11,000 visitors attended to discover the 70 artists and art galleries gathered for this edition.

If the main objective of the fair is to be a ‘Talent Revealer’ by offering a new territory of regional expression to gallery owners and collectors, ArtShopping has also embarked on embodying its cultural ambition, through solo exhibitions -show and the honor of artists from the region.

In Biarritz, visitors highlighted a delightful, high-quality edition of high-end presentations featuring remarkable, astonishing and committed works, many of which were accessible in terms of price.”

“ART Shopping goes beyond its primary purpose, contributing to the access of contemporary art to art lovers and collectors all over France. The fair, through the quality of the exhibited works, the participating gallery owners and its artists, embodies a real dialogue between the different audiences of the art market, “says Myriam Annonay-Castanet, director of ArtShopping,” for over 10 years, ART Shopping is the main showcase of contemporary art accessible and friendly. It is a unique source of information on artists, trends, galleries, institutions that contribute to the rise of art in France at the national and regional levels. Our desire is to always be in line with developments in the art market, our passion is to nurture a dialogue that begins with art.”

The success of ArtShopping goes far beyond the generally satisfactory record of sales and record attendance. The fair is emerging in the region as the new concept of accessible art, says the official press release.



Houda Bakkali rend hommage au continent africain par le collage digital vif et coloré “África Sweet and Pop”: une volonté affirmée de représenter un continent rempli d’espoir qui lutte pour un futur meilleur. Sa dernière série en date, “Beautiful African Woman”, combine les techniques d’illustration et de collage digital.
Elle met en scène la figure féminine africaine et arabe: une figure forte qui dans l’anonymat le plus total, lutte pour la liberté, la justice et sa place dans la société. Par des lignes simples et des couleurs vives, elle cherche à attirer l’attention sur l’opposition entre la simplicité et la force de son personnage”. A découvrir sur Art Shopping Biarritz du 8 au 10 juin au Casino Biarritz Tourisme.

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – ART Shopping Biarritz Juin 2019


Houda Bakkali exhibit her series “Women and digital art. Breaking stereotypes” in Córdoba, Spain.