Beautiful African Couple

Soda, rhythm and a beautiful African couple

/ / Carrousel du Louvre


Heat Design artwork, have been presented at Art Shopping Carrousel du Louvre. This is is one of the most relevant events art lovers in Europe. Twice a year, this great opportunity is held in the Carrousel du Louvre, in the heart of Paris, and offers a great selection of contemporary art. More than 450 artists and galleries present their works and more than 100,000 visitors can enjoy this event, a reference in contemporary art. 

This show art is an opportunity to meet international artist and a chance to discover the last art trends.

The series HEAT DESIGN is my personal tribute to the cinema, its protagonists and most emblematic scenes, through the technique of digital illustration. This personal portfolio is inspired by Pop Art style and looks for color, simplicity, light and balance. This artwork is based on the technique of digital illustration. I love the Pop Art style and my artwork is inspired in this movement. My illustrations look for color, simplicity, light and balance, but there is also a MADE IN BLACK version, a striking contrast and reflection of the dual nature of art.