Graphis Honorable Mention

Graphis Honorable Mention

Houda Bakkali awarded with the Graphis Honorable Mention

Artwork: Time of Nobody
Prize: Honorable Mention Graphis Annual Poster 2020, New York 2019
About: Time of nobody artwork is a reflection about our time. This series, based on digital illustration, It is a protest against the individualism caused by social networks. his is the time of filters and selfies. This is the time to share vanity. This is the time of anonymous friends. This is the time to speak with emoticons. This is a time of virtual likes. This is the time of a huge circus, empty of the beautiful sound of the words, the beautiful experience of conversation, the beautiful experience of looking at each other. This is time to follow nobody.


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Artwork: Time of Nobody

Artist: Houda Bakkali

Technique: Digital illustration

Year: 2018