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“Transgression” American Illustration 38 Winner

“Transgression”, American Illustration 38 Winner

“Transgression”, artwork signed by the visual artist Houda Bakkali, has been selected to appear in the prestigious American Illustration 38 annual award book (New York, 2019). This year’s distinguished jury included: Christopher Brand, Crown Publishing;  Dennis Huynh, Buzzfeed;  Maria G. Keehan, Smithsonian;  Hannah K Lee, The New York Times;  Janet Michaud, Politico;  Aaron Rinas, Art + Mechanical;  and Marianne Seregi, National Geographic. From over 7,000 submissions, the jury selected only 386 images by a majority vote or better to appear in the book and represent the best illustrations from 2018. The American Illustration 38 winning collection will be presented in print and digital media for maximum visibility, prestige, prominence…, This competition is judged by an international jury of top creatives, honor the best work being created today by best international artists and creatives.

The party & exhibition

The annual launch event & exhibition was hold in New York City on November 7, 2019.

The artwork

“Transgression” is a part of this series “Beautiful African Woman”. This artwork, based on the digital illustration technique, is a tribute inspired by the artist’s mother, an African, Muslim and Arab woman. This artwork wants to convey a message to women so that they feel free. Not afraid of failure, there is no absolute failure. Likewise, this illustration break down the clichés by showing a modern vision of Arab women through the tool, techniques and support of digital art.


Houda Bakkali exhibit her series “Women and digital art. Breaking stereotypes” in Córdoba, Spain.